Michelle joined the Animal Medical Clinic family in 2017 from a background in Emergency Medicine. She received her B.A. in Equine Studies and an A.S. in Veterinary Technology. Her clinical interests include radiology, clinical pathology, and critical care. In her free time, Michelle owns an editing company and works with various animal welfare organizations to further research and animal health and wellness. Her own pet family includes her dogs, Lacy and Copper, and several chickens.

You may recognize Copper from the office but have you heard his story? Copper was named not only for his red color, but for the Melbourne Beach Police Officers (Cops) who helped rescue him. He was found abandoned on Ocean Ave. in a tiny cat carrier with no food or water. Thinking quickly, the officers rushed to our facility where they commonly bring lost pets to be reunited with their owners. The officers and animal control were unable to identify the person(s) responsible for his neglect, but Copper and Michelle’s lives were changed for the better. Copper is a regular around the office and doesn’t let his past slow him down one bit! Equally happy to greet pets and people alike, he has become the unofficial welcoming party at Animal Medical Clinic Melbourne Beach.

Next time you see him, make sure to say hello and give him some love!