Dr. Stephen Long was born in Portland, Oregon but grew up in Orlando. Dr. Long knew at the age of eight that he wanted to be a veterinarian. Like all veterinarians, his passion for animal welfare drove him to this field.

“Watching Animal Planet, wildlife shows, and animal care teams nurse animals back to health are all a huge part of why I became a veterinarian. Nothing is more rewarding than to be able to heal an animal and watch their progress as they improve.”

Dr. Long went to the University of Alabama for his undergraduate degree, where he received his Bachelor’s in Biology. He then received his DVM at the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine.

While his primary interest is in cats and dogs, he is also well-versed in aquatic medicine and he is a member of the UF Marine Mammal Response Team.  He is also passionate about animal behavior.

“Coming into a veterinary office is often terrifying for a lot of animals, so I put an emphasis on being an effective communicator to clients and adjusting my routine to the patient’s comfort. It is important to make sure the current visit goes well so that future visits are less intimidating for both the patient and the client.”

Dr. Long resides in Melbourne with his energetic Labrador mix, Blazer. Dr. Long took Blazer in as a foster pet, but as with many foster cases, ended up adopting him.

“I didn’t have the heart to return him to the shelter. So I told my family I had someone special to introduce them to and adopted Blazer, and he’s been with me ever since.”

Outside of the clinic, you can find Dr. Long at the gym, playing video games, and like most Floridians, at the beach or fishing. Dr. Long also enjoys movies such as Deadpool, Captain Marvel, and How to Train Your Dragon.

My goal at every visit is to ensure the patient receives quality care, the client has all questions or concerns addressed, and to create a low stress environment for the patient so they can become more comfortable with each visit.