Updated 1-24-2022

Dear Clients:

Recent data from the Florida Department of Health show that the incidence of new COVID cases in Brevard County have dropped to a new low.  Where we were seeing several hundred new cases per week, the incidence is now down to 50.  I want to thank everyone who has done their part to help reduce the spread of COVID by getting vaccinated, social distancing, and wearing facemasks.  We all hope that this pandemic continues to fade away and that we don’t have to go back to the more strict restrictions again.  Here is an update on our current policies.

Facemask policy

Facemasks are optional for clients and staff.  However, if you would prefer that we wear a mask in your presence, just ask.  We are happy to work with you.


General Procedures- We are providing our normal range of services, but with the following limitations:

1. If you are sick with COVID or any other contagious disease, please do not come here

2. Call for an appointment before coming so we expect you and are ready for you.
3. Curbside service is always available if you do not wish to come inside
4. Consider our Drop off service- Drop your pet off for services and pick them up later
5. Consider our Telemedicine service- schedule a phone consultation with one of our doctors for minor problems.  There is a fee for this, but it may save you from having to bring your pet in.
6. Before coming for appointments, we recommend that you complete the following forms here on our website, if applicable:
New Patient Form
Risk Factor Questionnaires- for all preventive care exams
Medical drop off- all sick patients being dropped off
Standard consent- all procedures except dentistry
Dental consent
Outpatient appointments
1. If you prefer curbside service, when you arrive, call us at 321-724-2110 to let us know you are here.  Medical histories will be taken in writing, on the phone, or outside (at a distance).  Your pet will be brought inside for exams, tests and treatments.  The doctor will call you to discuss findings and recommendations
2. If you are coming inside with your pet, you may check-in by phone from your car or you may come inside to check-in.  

Surgery, Dentistry, Drop-offs

1. If possible, print the appropriate form from our website (see above) and complete it before arriving.
2. When you arrive, you may check-in by calling us at 321-724-2110, or you may bring your pet inside to check-in.
3. If you have not completed our online consent or information form, we will do that when you arrive.  Plan on spending 10-15 minutes to get this done.
4. Once all the paperwork is done we will admit your pet for its procedure.
5. When arriving for pickup you may call us to check out over the phone or come inside to check out with a Client Service Representative.

Diet and medication pickups

1. Please call in advance so we can get medications and food ready before you arrive.
2. If you would like to come inside to pick up your products, you may do so.
3. If you prefer, you may call us and we will take payment over the phone and then bring it to you.  Call us at 321-724-2110.

If you have special circumstances please call us so that we can discuss your situation.  This has been a challenging year and a half for all of us.  The demand for veterinary services is still very heavy but recent additions to our staff have helped us provide more timely care once again.  I have been very proud of the courage and dedication of our staff and the way they have continued to provide quality care and exceptional service in this difficult environment.  Their compassion and commitment has been amazing.   Please be safe and stay healthy.  We care about you and your pets.


Jeff Godwin DVM

Hospital Director

And Doctors and Staff of Animal Medical Clinic Melbourne Beach